TOA 237 Cement Membrane

TOA 237 Cement Membrane

Product Info: TOA 237 Cement Membrane

TOA 237 Cement Membrane is for plastering, painting, or rolling on any surfaces, such as, plain concrete, precast, and light-weighted concrete. It consists of 2 main parts. Part A is an acrylic polymer. Part B is special formula of cement. These 2 parts when mixed enhance adhesion and is easy-to-use, safe, free from toxic, and able to use with drinking water. Suitable for waterproofing in bathroom, toilet, balcony, pool, fish tank, and water tank.


Special Cement with High Flexibility

  • Seamless waterproofing system & Bendable film to seal cracks
  • High adhesion without a need of primer
  • Safe & Free from toxics, aligned with standard of Waterworks Authority

Safe & Non-toxic Drinking Water, aligned with Waterworks Authority

Suitable for application with water tank, water reservoir, metal composite concrete, pool, waterpark, drain gutter, basement, lift, tunnel, deck, balcony, and bathroom (before putting tiles).



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